To all the parents out there, why you should listen to me? Because My own kid is taking the classes (30+ already completed) and I am running a Software company myself.

Let’s jump to the conclusion for those who don’t have time to read the whole story.

The education they provide is indeed helpful for the children and their future. Believe me, you don’t have anything to lose here. If you can afford the course go for it. But no point to enrol, just because you feel your kid will be left behind. Enrol only if they are getting free…

Through out 2017, I read plenty of books, blogs and posts from various top writers. From the beginning I have committed myself to note down every single thing that I believe can be applied to day to day life. These are the notes that helped me to take some tough decision through out the year. So thought to publish it so it can probably help others with something. So here are my 100 gems from the history of my 2017 reading.

  1. Always hope for the best but plan for the worst.
  2. Every plan falls apart as soon as a first…

Till now when I was reading something on Medium I highlight sentences and paragraphs which I like. I was in impression that I can refer it from some links on Medium it self. However, I disappointed to know that there is no such functionality implemented by Medium so far. Not sure it exists but I couldn’t find it yet. If you know then please do educate me so I can bring back all my highlights in life.

If there isn’t any way I have decided to put all my highlights here so I can refer it some day in future.

I like reading fiction so most of my favorite books lies in fiction section. However, I love to read inspirational and self help books and also have interest in enlightenment so I have few favorites in these categories too. I have read books from other categories like non Fiction, Life, Love but those has never put ever lasting impression on me. However it’s worth to list down those books here too.

  • Fiction:
  1. Killing Floor — Lee Child
  2. Never Go Back — Lee Child
  3. Worth Dying For — Lee child
  4. 61 Hours — Lee Child
  5. The Personal — Lee Child
  6. Private…

Being a self-motivator is not that hard but often people don’t realize that they need this awesome characteristic in order to survive in this fast pace world.

If fate means you to lose, give him a good fight anyhow

Motivation is the driving force of everyone’s life. No one can achieve their aim without being motivated from inside or outside. It’s a basic need that keeps you moving towards your goal. Often people are looking for outside help to motivate themself when they feel low. It’s not bad at all to read some good article, stories, or blog to motivate yourself but rely on some help which is uncertain cause more trouble…

Jimit Joshi

Founder & CEO @ Evolvision Technologies, Entrepreneur, Developer by Heart.

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